Let's Be Iowa

Let’s be Iowa.

Iowa is progressive. Iowa is bold. Iowa is pragmatic. Iowa is a deep commitment to education and justice for all. Iowa is caring for all neighbors and visitors, without hesitation.

“Iowa nice” is no accident or marketing gimmick. It’s a legacy earned by Iowa’s people. We have never lost sight of who we are and where we want to go, but our leadership has. We know Iowa has always been a leader in education and civil rights. We know all Iowans should have equal access to education, nutrition, shelter, justice, and health care.

Despite the current political climate of fear, greed, and ignorance, Ross Wilburn has a true vision of what Iowa has always been and what Iowa can be. Ross is entirely committed to leading an Iowa that is just, smart, forward-thinking, and truly “Iowa nice.”

Let’s do what's right. Let’s be Iowa. Let’s elect Ross.


You can help elect Ross. Let's Be Iowa.

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