The effort to elect Ross Wilburn is focused on everyday Iowans. Most candidates feature endorsements from celebrities, political leaders and the powerful. Ross Wilburn is featuring endorsements from Iowans who represent the grassroots effort to change the power-structure. Let's Be Iowa.

"Hi, my name is Amanda Penning, and I’m an art director at Staples Promotional Products in Orange City. I support Ross Wilburn for governor because he will focus on our youth and education. Ross is a very sincere, honest and hard-working person. He will help Iowa grow and prosper. Let's be Iowa.”

Amanda Penning

Sioux County

“Hi, I’m Jeremy Chen. I’m a professor and native Iowan. I support Ross Wilburn for governor because he stands for the kind of Iowa I want to live in. He is the best fit for Iowa with his:

  • Commitment to improve the lives of all Iowans
  • Strong sense of fairness
  • Ability to view and balance complex issues from many perspectives
  • Sense of responsibility, practicality and service
  • Calm and cool-headed demeanor
  • Experience working with Iowans throughout the state from all walks of life


Let’s be Iowa together! Let’s be Iowa with Ross as governor!

Jeremy Chen

Poweshiek County